tourist in my own city: a visit from G

As I write this I’m nearing the end of my fourth full day in bed ill. To be completely honest, it’s been an awful few days – sickness was bad enough, but with it has come sadness and a deep loneliness simply because I’ve been almost completely unable to leave my room. It’s slightly ironic considering my last post, but I’m hoping it will pass with the illness. On the other hand, all this time in bed has provided me with ample opportunity to discover new blogs, read countless posts and now, finally, to actually write something of my own.

fresher’s diary: a visitor

Monday 26th October By some miracle I managed to avoid any kind of sadness until the end of week four, when – since things come in threes – all of a sudden I was hit with loneliness, homesickness and a bout of very real flu. Thankfully G had booked train tickets some weeks ago to come up to visit me that weekend; whilst I knew my illness would prevent the perfect weekend I’d had planned his visit really couldn’t have come at a better time.