Goals for Spring Term of Second Year | University

I honestly can’t believe I head back up to York this weekend. Somehow it’s been nearly six weeks since I had any classes, and almost four since I came home, but the time has absolutely flown. I’ve had a really wonderful time back home with my family, friends and G, but I’m also ready to head back into the madness of uni life. Spring term of second year holds all sorts of promises and plans; in fact it’s kind of a big deal. During this term I’ll reach the halfway point of my degree and start planning my final year dissertation. Here’s a rundown of what the next ten weeks hold, and what I hope to achieve over their course.  

Five Reasons I’m Loving Second Year | University

Eleven weeks ago, I moved back to York for my second year at university. After my difficult first year I was apprehensive but looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, as well as continuing all the work I put in here at Lightly We Go over the summertime. I published one blogpost after the move, and then – well, life took over a bit, and in the best way possible. Here are five reasons I’ve absolutely fallen in love with second year.

Why I Can't Wait To Start Second Year

Why I Can’t Wait To Start Second Year | University

My first year at university was the hardest of my life. The transition to uni life was so hard to handle that I spent days on end locked in my halls bedroom, wishing I was anywhere but there. I came home at the end of the year depressed, having suffered near-crippling anxiety for much of the year. On multiple occasions I considered dropping out, transferring to UEA and living at home for the duration of my undergraduate degree. But despite all this, I absolutely cannot wait to get back to York this weekend and start my second year – so what’s changed?