An Afternoon in Blakeney, North Norfolk | Tourist

And there to buy a new keel with my gold/And fill her with such things as she may hold     I’m thinking a lot about boats at the moment. For my 19th century American Literature module next term I have to read Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, and although I’m a little daunted I’m looking forward to the journey it promises when I finally pick it up. But, I wondered, perhaps the sea and I should just get a little more acquainted first. “If it’s nice tomorrow, shall we go to the coast?” I asked on Saturday evening. So the next day, a lazy Sunday morning behind us, we take the car north to Blakeney.

Glandford Art Cafe, North Norfolk Coast | Tourist

Early in the month, G and I spent an afternoon at the North Norfolk Food and Drink Festival at Holkham Hall. It was such a fun day and we tried so much amazing food. We both agreed, though, that it was a drink that stole the show – Grey Seal Coffee, to be precise. When we discovered that Grey Seal has three cafes around the north Norfolk coast we immediately planned to go to one, so with just two weeks before I left for uni we took a drive up for lunch at the Glandford Art Cafe.

5 things to do in… Norwich | Tourist

Every Friday on Lightly We Go I’ll be sharing my suggestions for cost-effective destinations and attractions. By ‘cost-effective’ I don’t necessarily mean dirt-cheap, but that you’ll get your money’s worth out of your visit. As part of these posts I’m introducing a series of ‘5 things to do in…’ featuring various towns and cities around the UK and potentially Europe, too. One of the aims of this series is to encourage readers to explore their local area and support nearby independent businesses – partly inspired by Alice’s lovely post about all the ‘staycation’ trips she’d like to take around the country. So, to start with, I’m sharing 5 things to get up to in Norwich, featuring my favourite Instagram shots of my ‘fine city.’