Goals for Spring Term of Second Year | University

I honestly can’t believe I head back up to York this weekend. Somehow it’s been nearly six weeks since I had any classes, and almost four since I came home, but the time has absolutely flown. I’ve had a really wonderful time back home with my family, friends and G, but I’m also ready to head back into the madness of uni life. Spring term of second year holds all sorts of promises and plans; in fact it’s kind of a big deal. During this term I’ll reach the halfway point of my degree and start planning my final year dissertation. Here’s a rundown of what the next ten weeks hold, and what I hope to achieve over their course.  

Goals for Growth in 2017

Goals for Growth in 2017 | #PrettyHealthyProject

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017 on Lightly We Go. Scrolling through my Bloglovin’ and Twitter feeds I’ve seen quite a few people talking about how something feels particularly good about this year. I’m not sure what it is either, but I’m feeling it too. The start of last year was very difficult for me personally, but as time went on it got better and better and I’m hoping that 2017 will follow in the same trend. But of course that won’t happen just by magic! So I thought it was time to set some goals that I hope to focus on and achieve over the next twelve months.

twenty-sixteen: goals and plans

It’s already been twenty-sixteen for almost a week, so now that I’ve got the reminiscing over twenty-fifteen out of the way, I thought it was high time to start looking to the twelve months ahead. In my first in review post two years ago I wrote about how I don’t really buy into New Year’s Resolutions and the idea that we can completely regenerate ourselves overnight. However, as I wrote then I can’t deny that there’s something refreshing about the beginning of a new year. It’s as good a time as any to take a look at ourselves, our ambitions and goals, and make new plans for reaching them – so that’s just what I’m doing.