An Afternoon in Blakeney, North Norfolk | Tourist

And there to buy a new keel with my gold/And fill her with such things as she may hold     I’m thinking a lot about boats at the moment. For my 19th century American Literature module next term I have to read Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, and although I’m a little daunted I’m looking forward to the journey it promises when I finally pick it up. But, I wondered, perhaps the sea and I should just get a little more acquainted first. “If it’s nice tomorrow, shall we go to the coast?” I asked on Saturday evening. So the next day, a lazy Sunday morning behind us, we take the car north to Blakeney.

SD-SN | Wyken Vineyards & The Leaping Hare

Yesterday (on his mum’s recommendation) G and I took a trip to Wyken Vineyards near Bury St Edmunds. Wyken is a 1200-acre farm and estate including the seven-acre vineyard which produces award-winning wines, including English Wine of the Year. We went along to try out their restaurant, the Leaping Hare, but before we sat down fr cake we couldn’t resist taking the short walk through the meadow and ancient forest to the vineyards themselves to take a look.

sunday round-up #9: 20th march

Well, it’s been a while since I got one of these out on the right day! I didn’t really have an excuse at all this week – now that my spring term has finished and I’m back home, blogging and books are pretty much all I’ve got to keep me busy. But that doesn’t mean my week’s been entirely dull – quite the opposite, in fact – although somehow I managed to take all of about two photographs, so apologies for a text-heavy post.

a weekend back home

After the ridiculous stresses of this term so far, I was in need of a break. Thankfully I’d organised to return to Norfolk for Valentine’s weekend, so early on Thursday morning I caught the bus to the station, picked up breakfast and found my seat. I normally travel back to King’s Lynn as it’s by far and away the cheapest option, the trip home coming to just over £11 with my railcard. The journey itself sounds complicated – York to Peterborough, Peterborough to Ely, Ely to Lynn and then the drive home – but in reality is pretty simple. This time I was particularly lucky as the blue skies followed me all the way home, so I was treated to beautiful views of a more familiar countryside as Frank Turner and Bruce Springsteen echoed in my ears.  

tourist in my own city: a visit from G

As I write this I’m nearing the end of my fourth full day in bed ill. To be completely honest, it’s been an awful few days – sickness was bad enough, but with it has come sadness and a deep loneliness simply because I’ve been almost completely unable to leave my room. It’s slightly ironic considering my last post, but I’m hoping it will pass with the illness. On the other hand, all this time in bed has provided me with ample opportunity to discover new blogs, read countless posts and now, finally, to actually write something of my own.