The Lightly We Go Guide To Finding Your Uni House | Student Survival

Last week in my student housing guide I weighed up the pros and cons of staying on campus for your later years at university, and those of moving out into a privately rented property. If you choose to stay in halls, it’s worth applying early on, and once you’ve applied there’s nothing more to do. In the rest of my housing guide, then, I’ll be focusing on the latter choice, and today I’m sharing your complete step-by-step guide to finding your second-year uni house.

How I Stay Organised At University | Student Survival

If university is one thing, it’s busy. Just managing all the work a degree requires is hard enough, even without your social life, downtime, and extra-curricular activities – once you factor those into the mix, it’s easy to lose your grip on time management. The transition from living at home to having to look after yourself alongside your studies and interests can be difficult, and it has honestly taken until this term (the midway point in my degree!) to figure out an effective system for organisation. Today I want to share my methods for keeping organised whilst at university, from daily scheduling to meal planning to finance tracking. Hopefully it might give you a few ideas for staying organised too!

Should I Stay In Halls Or Move Off-Campus? | Student Housing Guide

One of my biggest fears during my first term at university was where I was going to live in second-year. I couldn’t believe that after just ten weeks living in halls I was expected to have found the people I was going to live with and a house to stay in. In the end, I didn’t have any of that figured out until towards the end of term two, but it was a cause of major anxiety for about half of my first year. So this year I thought I’d put together a four-post guide to second-year student housing.

5 Steps To Better Mental Health At University | Student Survival

University can be absolutely brilliant. There are so many new people to meet and countless opportunities to grab hold of with both hands, often coupled with the amazing new-found independence of living away from home. However, all those things which can make uni so brilliant can also make it incredibly physically, emotionally and mentally straining. Sometimes in life this is just unavoidable – but there are ways to help you cope when things get difficult. Over the next five weeks on the blog I’ll be running a series entirely focused on keeping healthy at university. I’m not a health professional; these posts are based on my own experiences. Today I’m looking at improving your mental health during your studies.

Help! I’ve Done No Work Over The Holidays | Student Survival

We’ve all been there – you’re happily enjoying your break from school, college or university, chilling at home with family or off travelling with friends, when all of a sudden there’s just a week or two left of break and you’ve two assignments to complete, a three-page reading list to work through and those looming exams to revise for. It’s easily done but won’t be taken as a valid excuse for not getting everything done – so I’m here to help you get all that work done in time for the start of next semester. Here are my three key steps to getting on top of things:

Help! I Hated My First Term At University | Student Survival

Uni is rarely what we expect. You might start out absolutely petrified but by Christmas you’re the happiest you’ve ever been – or you may have headed off to halls thinking you’re embarking on the best three years of your life, but by the end of first term you’re wishing you’d never bothered in the first place. If you fall into that latter category and are already starting to dread spring term, I’m here to help you work out your options in a few easy steps.