The Hayloft, Morvah feature

The Hayloft, Pendeen, Cornwall | Tourist

I’m back! My week off unexpectedly turned into – ahem – a three week break, but with the start of a busy September Lightly We Go is back up and running three times a week with the #PrettyHealthyProject, uni advice and support and budget-friendly tourism. More than anything, I’m super excited to finally blog last month’s trip to Cornwall with G, and that’s how I’m starting off: with a tour of our beautiful Cornish holiday cottage, the Hayloft.

5 things to do in… Southwold | Tourist

Ironically enough, I count myself lucky that G lives down on the Norfolk-Suffolk border, a good 40 minute drive away from me. Although it’s a pain to get to, staying at his for a few days provides a golden opportunity to explore parts of my county that I’ve never seen before, and opens the door to Suffolk and even Essex for daytrips that might otherwise be just that bit too far. He took a day off on Friday and we spent the afternoon in the charming town of Southwold on the north Suffolk coast, once home to George Orwell.

5 things to do in… Norwich | Tourist

Every Friday on Lightly We Go I’ll be sharing my suggestions for cost-effective destinations and attractions. By ‘cost-effective’ I don’t necessarily mean dirt-cheap, but that you’ll get your money’s worth out of your visit. As part of these posts I’m introducing a series of ‘5 things to do in…’ featuring various towns and cities around the UK and potentially Europe, too. One of the aims of this series is to encourage readers to explore their local area and support nearby independent businesses – partly inspired by Alice’s lovely post about all the ‘staycation’ trips she’d like to take around the country. So, to start with, I’m sharing 5 things to get up to in Norwich, featuring my favourite Instagram shots of my ‘fine city.’  

SD-SN | Wyken Vineyards & The Leaping Hare

Yesterday (on his mum’s recommendation) G and I took a trip to Wyken Vineyards near Bury St Edmunds. Wyken is a 1200-acre farm and estate including the seven-acre vineyard which produces award-winning wines, including English Wine of the Year. We went along to try out their restaurant, the Leaping Hare, but before we sat down fr cake we couldn’t resist taking the short walk through the meadow and ancient forest to the vineyards themselves to take a look.

SD-SN | Wandering the V&A

The day after our Springsteen concert, Rosa and I had some hours to kill in the capital before our train home. I’d seen a poster about an exhibition of photojournalist Paul Strand’s work at the Victoria and Albert Museum so we decided to make our way there, sitting outside Imperial in the warm sunshine before opening time.

tourist in my own city: a visit from G

As I write this I’m nearing the end of my fourth full day in bed ill. To be completely honest, it’s been an awful few days – sickness was bad enough, but with it has come sadness and a deep loneliness simply because I’ve been almost completely unable to leave my room. It’s slightly ironic considering my last post, but I’m hoping it will pass with the illness. On the other hand, all this time in bed has provided me with ample opportunity to discover new blogs, read countless posts and now, finally, to actually write something of my own.