Do We Plan So Much That We Forget To Live? | #PrettyHealthyProject

There’s a trend in the blogosphere for lives that are pristinely planned and impeccably tracked. We see it in each perfected bullet journal spread posted to Instagram or Pinterest; in every shiny new tracking or list-making app; in every self-improvement how-to blogpost or airbrushed morning routine. This constant sense of the need to better oneself can be seen as aspirational, but it also encourages a culture in which nobody can ever be good enough, however much they plan.

blog changes: moving forward

I said some months ago that this summer would involve some experimentation and potential big blog changes. Since that time I’ve introduced the #PrettyHealthyProject and started up my on my bookshelf series. I also wrote about my old summer onehundred projects. Having realised that many of my posts weren’t reader-focused enough, I knew that I had to start moving away from posts that were only about me.  

I am nervous to blog

Last week, a male stranger made a comment about me as I walked down my city’s streets. I have received far worse comments than this particular one, but the way in which the man in question asserted his clear sense of power over me left me shaken. As a way of reasserting some control and ownership over the situation I took to social media, posting on Twitter about what had just happened. Within forty-eight hours I’d received nearly one hundred abusive comments in response. Today, I’m not going to go into the details about what happened or what was said. Instead I just want to write something, because right now I’m nervous.

what are your blogging values?

Back in April I was inspired by a commenter who believed blogging should be instinctive, and it’s stuck with me ever since. At the time I was trying to work out exactly what I wanted out of my blog, but my progress was hindered by my difficult third term at university. In the past few weeks, however, I’ve been returning to these ideas and found them really worthwhile, so perhaps they might be of use to other bloggers who are struggling with their direction and motivation too.