uni term two: goals and plans

I’ve been back in York for almost a week now and I’m busy preparing for classes which start on Monday. This term I’m starting two brand-new modules as well as continuing my Italian classes, working on the student paper, and looking for a house to live in next year with my friends. I wanted to take stock of what’s ahead of me and set up a few goals I’d like to achieve; when Easter rolls around I’ll look back and see how successful I was.


Modules this term

In my first semester I studied three modules: Key Concepts, Approaches to Literature: Medieval to Modern, and TranslationsKey Concepts is a lecture-only core module which lasts the entire year, so I’ll continue to go to weekly lectures where we’re taught about the foundations of literary criticism, but Approaches and Translations only lasted one term.

As such, this term I’m starting two new modules to replace them: Global Literatures and Victorian LiteratureGlobal naturally involves reading texts from all over the world; the point of the module is to consider the texts in relation to the historical and social conditions in which they were written, as well as comparing them with one another. I’ll write two 1,500 word essays as assessment for the module. Victorian is even more self-explanatory: we’re looking at some key texts from the Victorian times, and learning in detail about the period in order to better our understanding of the issues addressed in the texts. For this module’s assessment I’ll write one 3,000 word essay at the end of term. Next week I’ll talk more about the books on my reading list for this term in a brand new series, so keep an eye out for that!


My bedroom, Langwith College

here’s where I’ll be doing all that reading…


What else is planned for the term?

I’ll have three print editions of Nouse to produce across the ten weeks, with the first starting this coming Monday, and by the end of term I should have secured a house to live in for my second year. Some of my current housemates and I have decided we’d all like to live together again next year, so now it’s time to start looking for properties and organising viewings, all of which feels far too ‘adult’! I’ll keep you all updated and when it’s all sorted I’ll write a more in-depth post about the process.

G is hoping to come up to visit a couple of times during the term – he’ll be here in two weeks, which I’m so excited for already – and I’m also planning on getting the train(s) back to Norfolk for a weekend at the end of week six. I did the same thing last term to surprise Dad for his birthday and it was so lovely to be able to just relax at home and catch up properly. When it’s all over I’ve got five whole weeks off for Easter – but I’m probably getting ahead of myself!


York Station

York station


I’ve been thinking a lot about last term and how I can improve my university experience, and as a result I’ve come up with three non-academic goals I’d like to work on during this term:

  1. Reach out to people. I suffered quite badly with loneliness at times last term. This was partly due to things outside my control, but I know my situation could have been vastly improved if I’d just sent a Facebook message or a text. I now know there are people who will respond within minutes if I’m feeling down, and I’m so lucky to live with people who wouldn’t hesitate to knock on my door and cheer me up if they knew I was unhappy. For me, the hardest part is just telling people in the first place – I’m always worried I’ll be interrupting their day! – but it’s not worth sitting in sadness, especially since I’m surrounded by people who want to help.
  2. Explore the city. I think I was so taken up with uni life last term that I didn’t set enough time to just go out into York and get to know my new city; I still get lost almost every time I venture into town! It was such a relief going into Norwich over Christmas and knowing the city like the back of my hand, so I really need to dedicate the time to just walk around York more often.
  3. Take more pictures. I didn’t get my dSLR out once last term. All the photos I took were on my phone, and whilst it’s got a pretty good camera (and provided plenty of material for my Instagram feed) I really want to document as much as I can of my time at university, as well as providing good-quality shots for the blog.


Bridge York

the river from Picadilly

I’m really excited for this term. I love the texts I’ve read so far and can’t wait to start my classes for my new modules; I’m looking forward to feeling more at home in York and looking for a place to live, and now I’ve got some really secure friendships I know I’ve got some great people around me to share these experiences with. Most of all, I can’t wait to document everything right here for you all to read, and for me to look back on in the future.


Let’s have a conversation – comment below!:
What are your goals for this term at university or school? What are you most looking forward to over the coming weeks?

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  1. 17/01/2016 / 2:42 pm

    These look like excellent goals! From reading your post, I know you did well in your first semester (although you hit a few rough patches), and I know you will do just as great this semester – or even better! It also looks like you’re going to be busy this semester, but I hope you will still have time to explore the city and take pictures like you want to!

    I’m looking forward to reading your upcoming post and to follow you on your journey! Good luck in achieving your goals and have a great semester!

    Amelie xo

    • Lucy Furneaux
      17/01/2016 / 2:49 pm

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! That’s definitely the plan- I just need to be super organised with my time to ensure it all works out, but I’m sure I can manage.
      Many thanks again! 🙂

  2. 09/01/2016 / 3:16 pm

    Try the circular walk around the city walls, then climb up Clifford Tower. Both give an overview of the old city centre, and you can start to place your location based on a few landmarks. Have you had a ‘Fat Rascal’ bun in Taylor’s Tea Rooms yet? That’s a must. They are delicious, still warm and crumbly.

    I can’t help out with my plans for my non-existent coming year at uni, obviously. But over the coming weeks, I am most looking forward to the rain stopping…If you look at two of my recent posts, you will see how much water has hit Beetley and Hoe.

    Good luck with all your plans, and I hope you are able to enjoy some Mayhew and Dickens when you get to the Victorians. Best wishes, Pete.

    • Lucy Furneaux
      10/01/2016 / 1:12 pm

      I’ve done half of the walls so far and am definitely looking forward to doing the rest. I definitely need to do lots of touristy things – I haven’t even gone to the Minster yet! G and I are planning a trip to the Railway Museum to see the Flying Scotsman (did you see it’s coming to Norwich in May?). Clifford’s Tower is also on the list; it’s a student tradition to roll down it after consuming alcohol, but that’s not really my kind of thing… I’ll check out Taylor’s Tea Rooms in the coming weeks too – thanks for all the tips!

      I can’t believe how much water there is. I hope it’s not been too damaging to the wildlife, especially on Hoe Rough. The Victorians reading list is wonderful – Bronte, Eliot and Carroll amongst others, plus I’ll be finishing Oliver Twist for the first time today!

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