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As I mentioned in my recent Updates post, I’ve been asked by SpiceUK to write a Fresher’s Diary series for my first year at university. I’m thrilled to announce that the series has now begun, and I’ll be re-posting everything here too. Here’s the first post – it’s just an introduction to me and the series, so nothing you don’t already know, but I’ll pop it up anyway for some background!

Thursday 17th September 2015

10 days. There’s no getting away from it now – in just over a week I’ll be moving to the University of York, 160 miles away from my home in rural Norfolk, to study English and Related Literature.

My name is Lucy and I’m nineteen. I’m a keen musician – I sing classically and play the violin and the folk harp – but English lit was my first love and I’m so excited to get back to studying after taking a year out.

My gap year was spent volunteering as a Team v Leader with vInspired, which involved running three social action campaigns in my local community, and I’m looking forward to continuing volunteering at university. That said, I’m extremely attached to my home, family, friends and boyfriend here in Norfolk. If I’m honest, I’m not entirely sure how I will cope when it comes to leaving everything behind.

This month around half a million people will begin an undergraduate course in the UK – a record number following the abolishment of the cap on the number of students universities can accept – but having spent the past twelve months following many of my friends’ adventures at universities across the country and abroad, I’m still struggling to comprehend the fact that it’s now my turn.

On the other hand, I’m feeling a bit more prepared than I expected; this extra year has given me time to plan ahead, save a little money and make a start on my three-page reading list. Yet despite this, I still suffer from occasional attacks of panic and nervousness. It’s perfectly normal to feel like this ahead of such an enormous change, but it doesn’t make the prospect of moving away from home to live with strangers any easier.

I’m sure many freshers are feeling much the same, so the first piece of advice I’m going to hand out is try not to worry – cliché though it is, we’re all in the same boat. Everyone wants to make friends, be successful and do as well as they can, so let’s all help each other out.

As such, from now on I will be writing a weekly blog to document my first year at university. I hope that it will provide advice to those going through similar processes and events, and to freshers in years to come, as well as be a memento of my year as a fresher. It’s an experience that only happens once, so I’m determined to make the most of it – and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you all.

Check back every Monday evening for a new post!

L x

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