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A slightly unusual post, this one will be more informative than speculative. I’ve a couple of things I need to address.

Firstly, summer onehundred:

Let me stress that the project has been completed and diary entries and photographs will all be uploaded in due course. Many are written and haven’t been typed up yet, for example. I simply got frighteningly behind in posting and have had little time to sit and type everything up! But it will all be there before long. I have had the most incredible summer and learned a huge amount about myself throughout the project – but you will have to wait for day onehundred for that…

Secondly, post-summer onehundred posting

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m going to keep the blog regularly updated following my hundred days, at least for the next year before I go to university. On the one hand I want the blog to remain personal to me, in order to document my gap year which I hope will be full and formative; on the other, I have far too much to write about which goes beyond my little life. As such, I feel a need to incorporate and balance both of these, whilst continuing to improve my writing skills.

So, my proposal is that every Monday I post a personal update about my week, including progress with my Team v programme and any other news whether that be orchestral, equestrian or social. If one event is too big to include here it will get its own post on Wednesday.

Then, every Friday I will post an article more in the style of previous pieces prior to my summer onehundred. It may be political, educational, personal or otherwise.

Following a summer school I attended in August (more on that in my summer onehundred) I now also write for a publication called Shift UK every fortnight; I will post articles I write for Shift on life etc too.

This is the general idea for the next twelve months or so. Hopefully it will keep me posting regularly and I’ll be able to document my gap year as well as publishing more topical posts. I’ll also keep publishing my disposables as and when I get them developed.

Thank you for reading; hope life is sunny, wherever you are.

L x


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  1. 16/09/2014 / 9:09 am

    I read your review of West Side Story Lucy. Very accomplished. I hope that Shift UK allows new readers to discover your work.
    As for the blog, your plan is sound. I will look forward to the rest, as and when they appear.
    Very best wishes, Pete.

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