day two

Sunday 2nd June

day two: 4.15pm

Not sure about last night’s dream. Whilst sleeping in is nice part of me aches for a more sensible routine, one where I eat breakfast before noon and am asleep before the early hours, but I can’t seem to make it happen at the moment. Of course, I know I won’t be saying this once school starts again on Thursday and I’m back to waking up at six am.

Spent half an hour on the harp and parents went out, leaving Rosa and I in the house, so we went outside for photos. It was a little too bright and, as usual, I ended up lying down in the grass. I complain sometimes but I never really mean it.

beneath the tree

Brought my laptop outside and wrote my final words for the Magazine we’ve worked so hard one. Our final deadline is in less than a week so I’m desperately hoping all is in order. Soon it will just be a matter of waiting for it to come out in print, but today I finished the Editors’ Address – lists of gushing thank-yous and cringe-worthy lines about ‘the great privilege’ and ‘cherishing’ the responsibility. (I mock myself now, but I do mean it. I have been so lucky to have had a hand in creating such a publication.)

Went back inside and read a little more of Pride and Prejudice. Found a line to get me through our week in the Lake District – I will be joining a pair of couples (my parents and my sister and Jonny), which has the potential to make me feel just a little lonely, but as Lizzy rightly says, ‘What are men to rocks and mountains?’ Excited to be going back there again.

Helped Mum with dinner and talked about dreams over pear tarte tartin. Practised violin a little (I say ‘practised’, really I just played through some Bach for fun (- not that fast though!)). Organised music and riding lessons this week. Lots ahead.



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