Friday 31st May

I am excited. It is mere hours until the start of my second summer onehundred project! From tomorrow until the eighth of September I will post a photograph for every day. In an ideal world I would post here each day, but I don’t think I’m able to completely commit to that; I will aim to post each photograph as soon as possible. Whilst counting down to tomorrow, however, I have been busy since my afternoon with Becki.

I spent Monday and Tuesday in school (during the holiday!) working on the Magazine, which I co-edit. It’s essentially a yearbook, printed professionally and put together entirely by Year 12 students, and our deadline is a week today, so stress was running high.

Will, our editor-in-chief

It’s been a lot of work, the Magazine, but I’m optimistic, especially after the two days of solid work we put in, and can’t wait to see it finished. It’s also helped me to form what may have seemed unlikely friendships, which has been a pleasant surprise. Mum was late on the Tuesday and Will and I talked at the bus stop for a while.



Wednesday was a little more relaxed. In the afternoon I took a bus into the city to meet Zac for a few hours. We sat on a bench and talked school and politics and friendship and music, and a flustered woman asked to use a phone. We wondered what her story was as we ate cheesecake with forks we nicked from a nearby café.


I read Pride and Prejudice on the buses in and out, having left my iPod at Becki’s, and bought Wuthering Heights and Othello in preparation for my A2 English course I start next week. (This involved calling up first home, then each parent’s mobile phone, then my sister, and then home again in order to find out whether I should get the Oxford version of the Shakespeare play or the Arden (I was told to buy the latter).) Felt like an English student, and looked forward to being able to call myself that in sixteen months.

Called Jamie in the evening. Can you say that twins have rhyming faces?

Sleep refused to come and I was awake to the dawn chorus, a blurred reminder of day one last year. Felt wrong, like an intruder.

An intruder, yet trapped


When I woke up around midday I felt nauseated and out-of-place. The feeling stayed all day, culminating in a slamming headache. I read, but couldn’t focus on much. It seemed to come from nowhere .

Woke blearily a bit before seven, and then a bit after nine, and then eleven, and then finally twelve, shaken and unsettled from my dream of running and being changed.

Met with Matthew for coffee for a couple of hours; an old friend, and I’m glad I can call him that again. Laughed at strange coincidences and talked of school and the past. Said things I needed to; apologised and felt a little more peaceful: quite fitting that this could finally be put to rest just before the start of summer. Bumped into Hollie and briefly caught up with her, too. Could have touched my camera but decided against it – the last day I will not pick it up for at least the next hundred.

I am excited. ‘Til tomorrow,



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