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Three Life Skills You Need Before Starting University | Freshers’ Guide

There’s no doubt that university teaches you a huge amount, and not just in terms of your academic studies. Even if you live at home, being thrown into a totally unknown environment with hundreds of new people to get to know along practically guarantees some personal development. However, there are some key life skills that will be particularly helpful to know before you go, particularly (though not exclusively) if you’re moving away into student accommodation or a shared house.  


What is Intentional Exercise? | #PrettyHealthyProject

I was never keen on PE in school. For me, it was a waste of time I could spend on other things; when I move to sixth form and was given Wednesday afternoons off for ‘games’ I spent the time in the Music block practising violin. I was never motivated to exercise and enjoyed only a few of the activities on offer, particularly since in upper years I worked hard at my equestrian centre for ten hours a week and rode regularly. Then for a long time after I left school and switched riding centres I thought that ‘exercise’ was just built into my daily routine as I walked around college. It wasn’t until my gap year when I didn’t have any regular, intentional exercise set up in my routine that I suddenly realised how important that time dedicated to focusing on my body and its fitness really was.

5 things Southwold

5 things to do in… Southwold | Tourist

Ironically enough, I count myself lucky that G lives down on the Norfolk-Suffolk border, a good 40 minute drive away from me. Although it’s a pain to get to, staying at his for a few days provides a golden opportunity to explore parts of my county that I’ve never seen before, and opens the door to Suffolk and even Essex for daytrips that might otherwise be just that bit too far. He took a day off on Friday and we spent the afternoon in the charming town of Southwold on the north Suffolk coast, once home to George Orwell.

10,000 steps

10,000 Steps a Day | #PrettyHealthyProject

I’ve loved walking since I first visited the Lake District aged 10. The revelation that my own two feet could take me to the top of fells and mountains, through valleys and woodland, was amazing to me. I could do anything and go anywhere just using the body I already had. In last week’s #PrettyHealthyProject post I set a goal for this week: to take at least 10,000 steps every day this week, keeping count with my FitBit. It was a really interesting challenge and much, much harder than I anticipated, but it really has made a difference.

5 things Norwich

5 things to do in… Norwich | Tourist

Every Friday on Lightly We Go I’ll be sharing my suggestions for cost-effective destinations and attractions. By ‘cost-effective’ I don’t necessarily mean dirt-cheap, but that you’ll get your money’s worth out of your visit. As part of these posts I’m introducing a series of ‘5 things to do in…’ featuring various towns and cities around the UK and potentially Europe, too. One of the aims of this series is to encourage readers to explore their local area and support nearby independent businesses – partly inspired by Alice’s lovely post about all the ‘staycation’ trips she’d like to take around the country. So, to start with, I’m sharing 5 things to get up to in Norwich, featuring my favourite Instagram shots of my ‘fine city.’  

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From Results Day to Move-In Day: the Freshers’ Guide

It’s so strange to think that this time last year I was preparing to leave for university. It’s an understatement to say I was pretty nervous about the whole thing, and I wasn’t really sure how best to prepare for this major life-change. Over the next eight weeks or so I’ll be helping all you new students through the process of preparing, packing and moving away to university in my Freshers’ Guide. It’s designed so can have the best start to your uni career as possible! At the end of each post there’ll be a piece of downloadable material to help support you in your preparations, so be sure to stick around. First up, I’m breaking down the weeks between getting your results and place at university to moving into your accommodation or starting your classes, if you’re choosing to stay at home. There’s a lot to do in what is a relatively short space of time, so it’s good to have some idea in advance of what to expect, so you can best prepare.  

Making Healthier Food Choices

Making Healthier Food Choices | #PrettyHealthyProject

The one realisation I am constantly returning to as I undertake the #PrettyHeathyProject is how when learning to live a healthier lifestyle everything comes down to choice. Working out how to navigate this seemingly endless array of decisions can be pretty daunting, and it’s easy to see why so many people revert back into old habits. But it isn’t impossible! Here are three ways to support making healthier food choices.