Portheras Cove 1

Portheras Cove, Cornwall (aka My New Favourite Beach) | Tourist

For most, the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘Cornwall’ is the county’s iconic coastline. Rugged cliffs, crashing waves – and, in high season, overrun with tourists (even on a misty day, the beaches at St Ives were covered in holidaymakers). But somehow, G and I managed to discover a really beautiful treasure. Portheras Cove has everything to love about the astonishing Cornish coast, but none of the noise, litter, and busyness caused by too many visitors.

Why I Can't Wait To Start Second Year

Why I Can’t Wait To Start Second Year | University

My first year at university was the hardest of my life. The transition to uni life was so hard to handle that I spent days on end locked in my halls bedroom, wishing I was anywhere but there. I came home at the end of the year depressed, having suffered near-crippling anxiety for much of the year. On multiple occasions I considered dropping out, transferring to UEA and living at home for the duration of my undergraduate degree. But despite all this, I absolutely cannot wait to get back to York this weekend and start my second year – so what’s changed?


How A Horse Healed Me | #PrettyHealthyProject

The #PrettyHealthyProject¬†has always been, in part, an effort to regain my mental health following my difficult first year at university. This summer, and the project, has largely been a recovery and strengthening process to support me for my return to York this weekend(!). A number of things have aided me in this process, most notably spending so much time with my family, G, and friends, taking the pressure off, and working on my body image and confidence through this project – but I’ve realised that there has been one thing which has helped more than any other. This summer I was given the opportunity to part-loan a horse called Sooty, and the effect has been profound.  


St Ives Photo Diary | Tourist

St Ives was just a short drive away from our cottage in the very south-west of Cornwall, so we decided to dedicate a misty day to wandering its quaint (though tourist-filled) alleyways and stretching shoreline. It was beautifully photogenic and we spent a very happy few hours browsing the independent art galleries and stores, feasting on Cornish pasties and watching the mist creep quietly away out to sea.


How To Enjoy Freshers’ Week (Even If You Hate Clubbing) | Freshers’ Guide

Think ‘Freshers’ Week’. What comes to mind? I’m getting¬†a blind, endless mix of alcohol, hangovers, and club nights with stupid fancy dress themes, not to mention a healthy dose of anxiety, stress and homesickness. When I was preparing for my own Freshers’ Week this time last year I was absolutely terrified; although I enjoy drinks and parties with friends, the idea of a full week of clubbing and exhaustion was, simply, abhorrent. I understand that for many students this really is their idea of great fun, but to me it seemed like this great big hurdle I had to get over before I could actually start uni. In the end, I actually enjoyed my Freshers’ Week – and if you’re feeling like I was last September, read on to find out how you can too.

FitBit Alta Review - featured image

FitBit Alta Review | #PrettyHealthyProject

During this series I’ve made regular mentions of my FitBit; it’s what facilitated my 70,000-steps-a-week challenge and has provided both motivation and information on how I’ve been getting on in my endeavours to become pretty healthy. I’ve owned a FitBit Flex since Christmas, but this summer my wonderful mum gifted me a new FitBit Alta (inheriting my Flex in the process!). Now I’ve had some time to get to know it, I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to a review.

A Day At The Eden Project

A Day at the Eden Project, Cornwall | Tourist

Although we only had around four days in Cornwall, and the drive was over an hour, the Eden Project was still top of our “Things To Do On Holiday” list. Some of our friends had told us how amazing it was, and how we couldn’t really ‘get’ it without seeing it for ourselves, so in the middle of the week we took a day out to go and visit the local rainforest.